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  • What does LFG mean?
    Lets Fr*cking, Fl*ping, F*cking, GO! LFG is about more than a LinkedIn hashtag, or an Instagram meme. Those three letters have become a rallying cry and my way to hype, admire, and encourage everyone in Utah tech.
  • When is the next swag drop?
    Our swag isn't on a consistent schedule, so the best way to know about the next drop is to subscribe to the email announcements! You can sign up for those at the bottom of the website homepage.
  • What charity does LFG support?
    We support many charities! We hope to find causes that need support as we all strive for better lives. Have a charity in mind? Please submit it through the form on our website homepage.
  • Can I recommend a charity?
    Yes! We would love that! Please complete the form on the website homepage. We look forward to your recommendation.
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