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LFG is about more than a LinkedIn hashtag, or an Instagram meme. We’re building the future of Utah.

Utah is a massive tech powerhouse, commanding the respect of venture capitalists, news outlets, and larger tech organizations. Enter “Utah LFG.”


So from now on, when anyone shouts out the accomplishments of Utah tech with a “Utah LFG,” you’ll know it means congratulations. Congratulations on all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to where you are. It means keep going. It means we’re rooting for your bright future. It means we’re in it together—and we’re gonna win together. 

Advisory Board

Casey Bailey
  • Casey Bailey LinkedIn Profile

Head of People at Deel with impressive previous professional "ex-es" and growth.

Kat Kennedy
  • Kat Kennedy LinkedIn Profile

President and CXO at Degreed reforming education and championing learning.

Woody Klemetson
  • Woody Klemetson LinkedIn Profile

VP of Sales at Divvy and a master of the sales pipeline and team motivation.

Mike Maughan
  • Mike Maughan LinkedIn Profile

Office of Executive Chairman at Qualtrics and co-founder of 5 For The Fight.

Blake Murray
  • Blake Murray Linkedin Profile

Founder and CEO of Divvy disrupting the financial habits of businesses.

Diogo Myrrha
  • Diogo Myrrah LinkedIn Profile

Founder of Album VC helping grow Utah start ups like Luz, Seis, and Divvy.

Nate Randle
  • Nate Randle Linkedin Profile

CEO of Gabb Wireless with a background in Marketing and a focus on people.

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