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Utah: LFG

LFG. When you see this acronym your eyes might roll so hard they hit the back of your head. But let me explain. First things first, LFG means Let’s (insert F word of your choice here, fl*pping, Fr*cking, F***ing, etc) GO! It’s a battle cry.

LFG is about more than a LinkedIn hashtag, or an Instagram meme. Those three letters have become a rallying cry and my way to hype, admire, and encourage everyone in Utah tech.

When I started my journey at Divvy in 2017, I fell in love with many things. (The innovation and free product that changed the way businesses spend money was certainly at the top of the list.) However, one specific story stands out.

In my initial meetings with the founders, Blake Murray and Alex Bean, I learned they had both grown up in Seattle, Washington. And that they had seen first-hand the transformation the city made from an old farming town to a thriving hub of talent and innovation. Seattle became famous for amazing companies like Amazon and Microsoft, and Blake and Alex had real passion to help bring a similar transformation to Utah. These guys weren’t just talking about building a massively successful company—they wanted to be part of building the entire state into something special. Talk about a huge vision. The thinking was “our parents and neighbors built Seattle into a tech mecca, why can’t we do the same thing in Utah?”

That story and their attitude really stuck with me. This idea that Utah could turn into a massive tech powerhouse, one day commanding the respect of venture capitalists, news outlets, and larger tech organizations. That got me fired up, I mean really FIRED up. Enter “Utah LFG.”

Utah tech has always felt like we’ve had a “chip on our shoulder” style of work ethic. The fanfare of Silicon Valley and New York has fueled us over the years. But little by little, that attitude started adding up to massive wins, leading to Utah’s first unicorns like Insidesales, Domo, Pluralsight, and Qualtrics.

Since then the pace has drastically sped up. Huge fundraising rounds like Taxbit, Loan Pro, Podium, and Entrata keep the momentum going. Ridiculous exits like Divvy, Acima, and Owlet solidified that it wasn’t just hype. Utah tech was the real deal!

Utah is a competitive place, constantly pushing each other to be better—and I love it. But while we’re competing for growth, revenue, and product innovations, we’re also building something bigger. We’re building the future of Utah.

No matter what your business size or industry, our similarities lie in being a mission-driven community. I don’t know any business owner here that doesn’t have a drive to build something bigger and better for all of us. I mean, just take a look at these latest “LFG” worthy wins for some of our Utah businesses:

Divvy | Inc. bought by = $2.5B. New combined company market cap of ~$30B.

Entrata massive round of $500M

Lucid massive round at a $3B valuation

Bridge Investment Group IPO with market cap of $1.7B

Instructure IPO with market cap of $2.8B

Owlet Baby Care SPAC with market cap of $1B

Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC IPO with market cap of $3B

LoanPro and TaxBit raised record setting series A rounds of $100M

So from now on, when I or anyone else shouts out the accomplishments of Utah tech with a “Utah LFG,” you’ll know it means congratulations. Congratulations on all the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get to where you are. It means keep going. It means we’re rooting for your bright future. It means we’re in it together—and we’re gonna win together.

We’ve got a lot more work to do and so much more to build. I’m excited to get after it with all of you.

Utah, LFG!

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