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Utah LFG 2.0

Utah LFG.

Love it or hate it, it's a phrase that’s being used more and more to celebrate achievements and milestones as well as capture an energy we feel as a state.

A new company raises a seed round, Utah LFG!

A fast growing company raises at a unicorn valuation, Utah LFG!

A new product gets launched and it’s a game changer, Utah LFG!

A VC firm raises a new fund to invest in the best businesses, Utah LFG!

You get the picture. The state is one fire and celebrating the wins as a state is a ton of fun. But there’s more that we can do. Lots more.

That's why LFG is going to start having a second meaning. Beginning today the acronym will also stand for “Lets F*#^$*** Give.”

Giving back can and should be a big part of winning, and it’s also a way to win more together, as we lift up people, businesses, and charitable causes.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Utah LFG will establish an advisory board of awesome Utah advocates.

  2. We will accept suggestions for charities and causes to support.

  3. Then the board is going to choose a worthy cause to support.

  4. We'll create an LFG swag item that anyone can have, simply by donating to the cause we have selected.

The first cause we’re supporting will be announced in the next 24 hours!

Items will be produced in limited quantities (pay close attention or you’ll miss the chance to get that item)!

We’re all going to build Utah, together. Imagine a state that wins together and gives together, so we can win more, and give more. The ultimate virtuous cycle.

Utah Lets F’ing Give.

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